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ARTEMIS: Proven Leadership in Environmental Technology

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Green Manufacturing, Environmental Technology: Rubber Aeration Diffuser

With more than 35 years experience in environmental technology, Artemis has the expertise to help companies in environmental and green businesses.

From wind turbines to the solar manufacturing process, waste water treatment to recycling, Artemis can transform your ideas into products, from initial design to final testing. Since 1942, our family has been world-class manufacturers of rubber products, plastic components and more. We’re particularly adept at materials, including high performance, natural and sustainable manufacturing, and more.

For example, since 1975 we’ve been a global leader in aeration systems for waste water treatment and reclamation. We created the world’s first rubber membrane diffuser, selling more than 12 million diffusers worldwide. Jaeger companies supply rubber and plastic components to renewable energy companies like wind, solar and more. As an industry pioneer and leader, Artemis is the dependable, long-term, global supplier to environmental technology business including solar manufacturing companies.

From B2B to B2C, Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Manufacturing Solutions

Sustainable Manufacturing,  Environmental Manufacturing Solutions

Sustainable Manufacturing, Environmental Manufacturing Solutions: Fair Trade Rubber

ARTEMIS offers broad experience, from B2B to B2C. In addition to our industry expertise outlined above, we’re a leader the development of green consumer products.

For example, we developed and manufacture the world’s first fair-trade natural rubber compounds for pet products and other consumer goods. To serve our clients, we’ve developed expertise in fair-trade and sustainable manufacturing, two of the fastest growing markets today. Because natural rubber is a renewable and sustainable resource, our clients enjoy an additional competitive advantage.

From Engineering to Testing, One Stop for Solar Panels, Wind Manufacturing

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Solar Manufacturing Plant for Equipment Companies

Another ARTEMIS advantage is one-stop service. From design and engineering, to manufacture and testing, we offer you a complete, in-house, turnkey solution.

For plastics and rubber engineering and design, we utilize cutting-edge design and rapid prototyping programs. Proudly made in the USA, manufacturing is done in house at our headquarters near Denver, Colorado, under the personal supervision of 3rd generation Owner and President Claudius Jaeger. With our one-stop, fully transparent process, and in-house testing capabilities, it’s like having your own solar manufacturing plant.

ARTEMIS also offers a record of innovation and environmental manufacturing solutions, with dozens of patents on green technology. We continue to innovate, with the goal of improving products and processes, and reducing installation and operation costs.

Global Network – From Technology to Supply Chain

As part of the global Jaeger companies network, ARTEMIS offers you valuable access to ideas, resources and markets worldwide. With our global presence, we can help you go global, from accessing technology and materials, to solar manufacturing plants overseas.

For example, our global supply chain includes access to an exclusive supply of natural rubber that’s fair-trade certified. With sales of fair trade products growing 22% annually, we offer our clients a significant competitive advantage.

What is Green Manufacturing? Find Out in America’s Environmental Manufacturing Capital

Environmental Manufacturing Companies

Boulder, Colorado: Headquarters for Environmental Manufacturing Companies

ARTEMIS is headquartered in Boulder County, the North American capital of environmental manufacturing, enabling you to leverage the best technology, talent, capital, and resources in environmental business.

We’re based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, home to leading global brands of environmental technology, from Abound Solar Manufacturing, to Siemens, Vestas and small wind manufacturers. Green consumer brands based here include Celestial Seasonings, Horizon Milk, Gaiam, and more.