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Rubber Testing

ARTEMIS Rubber is the North American operation of the 3rd generation, family-owned Jaeger companies, manufacturers of top-quality rubber and plastic products since 1942. We are manufacturers, engineers and a rubber testing lab near Denver, Colorado.

Our testing is done at the in-house rubber laboratories of the Jaeger companies. This includes material certification and analysis: materials comparison analysis, material property testing (including DIN and ASTM), and material durability and aging testing.

A plastics and rubber consultant, ARTEMIS Rubber and its Jaeger Group partners worldwide offer you superior client support by offering you these following consulting expertise and abilities in-house, under the careful supervision of our 3rd generation family ownership.

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rubber testing

Rubber Testing

Material selection and compound formulation: Highly-trained ARTEMIS Rubber consultants help select the ideal materials and reinforcement for each application. Our rubber laboratory engineers calculate factors including durability, frequency, static and dynamic load, environmental conditions, and more.

We are expert rubber consultants, offering you one-stop solutions for creating rubber and plastic products, from simple parts to complex assemblies. Our highly-trained rubber testing lab will serve you from initial product concept, to design and engineering.

We also offer plastic materials engineering and selection including recycling plastics engineering, process and tooling design, manufacturing, and testing and certification. Our consulting expertise and superior client support is enhanced by our rubber lab, offering a broad range of  rubber, plastics and composites engineering value-simulation tools and rapid-prototyping techniques.